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Carson Technologies develops innovative and effective technologies for unmet social needs.

Celebrating Carson May, cameraman, video editor, techy, skier and sensitive human being!

black & white photo of Carson with his camera

Check out a music video he helped to create viewed over 73,000 times.

Carson was killed in an avalanche January 14, 2016. A number of people donated to the Carson Technologies foundation in his memory to improve search-and-rescue technology and education. We are directing those funds in a number of ways.

One interesting technology we have investigated is a Wolfhound drone squadron equipped with infrared, cameras and cell phone detection. A couple companies have tested prototypes of this technology, however, there is nothing commercially available yet.

One exciting off-grid safety product that happened in the past two years is the Higher Ground, SatPaq. This and other products from my friend Rob Reis are addressing emergency communication situations and are great tools when outside cellular coverage.

 Carson was very intrigued by drones and by cameras. There are a number of fire departments and a few ski resorts using drones for ski patrol observation activities and even for dropping charges for avalanche control. We hope to see a service like this in a Tahoe ski resort. Carson would be piloting these search drones if he were around.

Just last week, Wyndham and I opened the equipment for a beacon park to be set up at Sugar Bowl, initially for staff and potentially for the public next year. This park will consist of eight beacons buried under the snow for beacon users to search out. It will be named in honor of Carson.

Wyndham skiing on a sunny day

We can’t forget one of the most important tools for search and rescue, dogs. Sugar Bowl has four avalanche dogs. I had the pleasure of meeting a six-month old black lab in training there named Grapple this past week. And, we have eternal gratitude to the Shepherd nose of the team of Lisa and Beaujet who found Carson on February 29, 2016, uniquely, leap day.

Finally, there is the people component of snow safety. Amazing that Wyndham is now a pro ski patroller at Sugar Bowl and an expert back-country skier. His expertise will go a long ways toward helping others be safe. His brother would be very proud as are his parents.

I want to thank the Carson Technologies board and other friends who have contributed in many ways to remember Carson and to help others. Note a computer program at the Refuge of Hope in Peru named for Carson. A Seeing Eye German Shepherd was named for Carson and is actively guiding.

I never take off a bracelet with one of Carson's favorite sayings, “Starve the ego, feed the soul”, a philosophy by which I also try to live.

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